First prize EUR 8.000
EUR 6,000
cash prize and EUR 2.000 scholarship

Second Prize EUR 3.000

Third Prize EUR 1.000


"Verdiana Prize“ EUR 2.000

The prize will be awarded for the best performance of the compulsory piece „Verdiana“ by Alexey Shor. Please note this prize can only be awarded to the candidates performing the piece by memory.


The scholarship prizes are going to be used for a concert performance.
The concert will take place during 2017/2018 concert season in Malta.


The overall winner shall be granted  the title of
„First Prize Winner of the Winds Classic International Competition 2016“.


The second and third runners-up are entitled to the title
„Prize Winner of the Winds Classic International Competition 2016“.

D'Addario award.

One candidate of each instrument will be awarded with exclusive 500€ voucher
for D'Addario products. Additionally the winners of the second and third prizes
will be awarded with a D'Addario sampling package.


One JLV  gold plated Ligature pour saxophone
and one JLV  silver plated  Ligature for clarinet.



All participants in the Final round

will be awarded a diploma.