Classic Winds • International Saxophone and Clarinet Competition

Michel Lethiec

Michel Lethiec — Classic Winds • International Saxophone and Clarinet Competition

This clarinet player from France, Michel Letiek, is currently one of the most outstanding musicians in the world of classical music. He devotes his time not only to perform at concerts and festivals, but he also teaches at the Nice Conservatoire and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

Throughout his career, Michel has both soloed and played parts in collectives of chamber musicians alongside the most prominent performers from around the world, such as L. Kovakos, F. Helmerson, A. Noras, G. Sharon, B. Pasquier, H. Shaham, J. Bashmet, G. Cosse, P. Gallois, G. Hoffmann, J. Menuhin, J. F. Heisser, P. Chaba, J.-C. Pennetier, W. Mendelssohn, P. Amoyal, J. J. Cantorov, J. Gandelsmann, I. Golan, and M. Martin. As for the groups, he worked in Vienna at the Artis Quartet, Czech Quartets of Talich and Prazak, as well as French, American, Canadian, Chinese, British quartets.

Moreover, he worked in Barcelona, Spain, playing in the Orchestra, performed in Russian Philharmonic in Saint Petersburg, was a member of Stockholm and Malmö Orchestras. In addition, Michel Letiek played in chamber orchestras of Israel, France, England, and it is not even the full list.

His repertoire consists mostly of contemporary music; therefore, the clarinetist has performed musical pieces by different modern composers such as Corigliano, Landowski, Penderecki, Fourchotte, Denisow, and many others.

Michel Letiek has made a significant contribution to the recording Penderecki’s concertos and his pieces of chamber music. He also played a lot of parts for the compact disks of other composers. There are some twenty CDs of his recordings, including two Grand prix du Disque.

As mentioned earlier, he does not limit himself to concert performances; he takes part in workshops and masterclasses in different festivals and international schools. When they hold competitions in Geneva or Leipzig, Prague or Osaka, or any other city, he is invited to be a jury member.

Last, but not least, Michel Letiek is the Artistic Director of the Pablo Casals Festival.

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