Classic Winds • International Saxophone and Clarinet Competition

Vitaly Katkov

Vitaly Katkov — Classic Winds • International Saxophone and Clarinet Competition

Vitaly Katkov was born on January 22, 1969, in Moscow. His passion for music began during the time at the music school at the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI Tchaikovsky. Katkov's higher education, although it was not associated with music, determined the further vector of his life. The fact is that Vitaly Katkov studied at the Faculty of Management at the International University in Moscow.

Then he worked as a musician and administrator in concert organizations. This was the beginning of the current position of Vitaly, and that is the famous Russian producer, concert manager, and artistic director.

For eight years, he headed the Russian Camerata chamber orchestra of the Tver Academic Philharmonic. In this position, he developed a rough activity. Under his leadership, such an important project as the International Festival of Music and Diplomacy took place. He has produced important concerts in the Kremlin and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to his activity, he managed to take part in many prestigious festivals, including international ones.

From then on, Vitaly Katkov's actions only gained momentum. He became director of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra. In this position, Vitaly was able to adequately organize events at different venues. The most famous and impressive of them are the Avery Fisher Hall in the USA, the Suntory Hall in the capital of Japan, several ones in Germany and Scotland. Vitaly was responsible for concert tours in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Finally, in 2013, Vitaly became the head of one department of the Moscow State named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. Working there benefited Vitaly in every way. He opened up new horizons and directions in concert activities not only in Russia but also abroad.

In 1920, the Moscow Conservatory traditionally gave performances to the accompaniment of a pianist and orchestra. The idea to revive this tradition and create a multi-genre film and concert turned into a success in 2015, during the screening of the movie "Taboo".

His activities cause interest among not only adults and sophisticated and educated spectators, but a part of the events organized by him is also a series of Disney concerts. Conductor Ernst van Thiel and his orchestra participated in the Oscar Artist, which was also organized by Vitaly.

The Moscow Conservatory owes its popularity and prestige to Vitaly's work. After all, he has established contacts between the conservatory and well-known concert organizations, orchestras, and soloists. During its existence, the Moscow Conservatory has become a prestigious concert venue for many important projects, such as the 15th Tchaikovsky Competition, the winning concert of the Grand Opera TV show broadcast by the Russian TV company Russia-K, the First International Piano Competition, and many other events.

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